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My fab art.


Happy tree friends

My own Nextalia series


Jaune Arc VS Papyrus DEATH BATTLE The Fight.

Peter: Alright, the combatants are set. It's time to end this debate once and for all. 
John: It's time, for a Death Battle!
The darkness loomed over the snowy town. Though it seemed abandoned, it was indeed filled with interesting....beings. The newly formed Team RNJR had entered the town on their journey. Their leader, Ruby Rose, suggested the spent the night here and that they leave tomorrow morning. Ren was tasked of getting shelter, Nora was tasked with finding anything that could keep them warm, and Jaune was task with getting wood. 
Jaune walked to the trees that were somehow able to grow down here. Using and ax he'd obtained, Jaune started hacking away at the trees. In a few minutes, he was cutting down the trees and chopping them into pieces small enough for a fire. Jaune put the ax down and panted a little. Good thing it was cold down here, Jaune was already a bit tired. 
Jaune c
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Celebrate DeviantArt's 15th Birthday!
As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your home for art. After all, it's the community's 15th birthday, too, and in the past few months, we've been making it our top priority to share with you our plans for the future, celebrate the successes of our past, and look to you for guidance on how best we can serve each of you while entering this new phase of DeviantArt's existence.

As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your h
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Fox McCloud VS Master Chief DEATH BATTLE The Fight

David: Alright, the combatants are set. It's time to end this debate once and for all.
Cole: It's time, for a Death Battle!!!
In the depths of space, a Covenant ship made its way to a Halo. Without warning, ship exploded with almost nothing remaining. Almost. 
A Pelican flew out of the explosion, completely unharmed, and a lone man was flying the Pelican. A Spartan, wearing dark green armor, a yellowish orange visor, and the numbers '117' was on it. Master Chief had barely made it out of his previous battle, almost unscathed too. Unfortunately, the other soldiers and pilots that were with him had been killed in action. But this was no time to mourn. 
A holographic female appeared on the controls of the Pelican. "Perfect. That's one less Covenant ship to worry about." Said Cortana. "Now, we just need to..." Cortana stopped talking. "Cortana, what is it?" Asked John. "I picked up something, not far o
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Dofus Fan art by LeeJongHae Dofus Fan art :iconleejonghae:LeeJongHae 302 20 Falco in the Breeze by StardustTrooper Falco in the Breeze :iconstardusttrooper:StardustTrooper 3 0 STAR WOLF MIX by WhiteFox89 STAR WOLF MIX :iconwhitefox89:WhiteFox89 46 14 Phoenix girl .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Phoenix girl .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,772 288 SUMMER TIME by WhiteFox89 SUMMER TIME :iconwhitefox89:WhiteFox89 134 58
Thor V.S. Superman DEATH BATTLE Prelude.

David: Sometimes, the Earth might not be in its place without the iconic super heroes. Weather they work in the dark, run insanely fast, or come from different worlds.
Cole: Don't know about you, but I'd rather have those 'other worldly' super heroes. Like with Thor, Prince of Asgard.
David: And Superman, the Man of Steel.
Cole: He's David, and I'm Cole.
David: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to see who'd win, a Death Battle.
David: Thor Odinson, or more commonly known as Thor, is son to the god Odin in Norse Mythology. He is the watcher of Midgard, the God of Thunder, and also Oak Trees.
Cole: That's kinda lame. How'd you like to know that your got your butt handed to you by the God of Oak Trees.
David: Ok, let's not go nitpicking at every detail here, ok?
Cole: Fine...well, if there's anything to say about Thor is that he's hella strong. 
David: Oh, we're just getting straight to his powers?
Cole: Well, duh?
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Sora V.S. Link DEATH BATTLE The Fight.

David: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.
Cole: It's time, for a Death Battle!!!
Hyrule Field. The winds of the peaceful land blew. The grass flowed to its wonderful melody, the sun shined brightly in the sky, and the sound of an ocarina being played could be heard. Sitting on a log was a green clad elf warrior with a sword kept in its scabbard accompanied by a shield. The elf's hat followed the winds direction, and the melody he played could bring joy troughout the land of Hyrule. The elf boy was none other than Link. 
The hero played his wonderful tune, but the sound of footsteps on the dirt interrupted his playing of the ocarina. Link turned to see who it was. A boy who looked younger than himself. He had a jacket with two armor shoulder pieces, brown spikey hair, and a necklace with a crown on it. It was Sora. 
Link stood up up from the log and put his ocar
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You have a great talent! When you drew this I was surprise how it was water color and not marker. The scenery of it as well just cane o...



A Message from the General
So the alarm was actually General Pepper taking up knowledge that most of the team are young teenagers and Cornerian Teens help their community in the summer so guess who's doing community service
Photo is taken, drawn with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and wacom
An Unneeded Alarm
This is a Comic about the Star Fox team when it's summer in Corneria

This comic series is a AU world around 64 and Adventure (because Krystal's there) I got ideas from the animated short. Also I wanted to have most of them teenagers (Not Peppy, he's middle aged). FYI the two females besides Krystal are my characters: Opal Masks and Liqiu Baihu. Opal's the raccoon and Liqiu is the tiger who's hugging a Ladybug plush and a medicine tube. Also I DRAW SLIPPY MY OWN WAY.

Headcannon: Peppy is usually stressed from being with them.
Liqiu Baihu
Name: Liqiu Baihu

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Animal: Panthera tigris tigris/Bengal Tiger

Height: 5"8"

Weight: 118.2 lbs

Hair Color: White and Black

Eye Color: Light Blue

Homeworld: Sishou

Appearance: Liqiu is a young teenage tiger with a curvasous figure and alittle lanky. She is of the rare white tiger subspecies. She has long white hair with black tiger stripes with her front bangs covering her eyes and a long bob ponytail and light pale-like blue eyes. She wears the orange/yellow version of the Star Fox uniform.

Before joining, she wore a dress hybrid of a Korean hanbok, Japanese kimono, and Chinese Cheosam(Qipao). It had a long yellow hanbok skirt, long white kimono top, gold kimono sash, and gold mandarin collar. Her hair was in Ox buns (styled like Chun-li) with yellow flowers in them.

Bio: Liqiu is a quiet, blunt, and  stoic young women. She is known to look and rarely act imtimidating and cruel,but she has a good and loyal heart. She is from a foriegn isolated western planet call Sishou. Star Fox was sent there because there was an attack from Star Wolf there. They were ambushed on land by the rivaly team and Liqiu interuppted them by attacking Wolf and Leon single-handed. She then became an ally until requested to join. She then accepted and became their 7th member (after Opal) and the team's feild fighter. After that, her name has been mispronounce as the correct pronounciation is Li-ch'iu while incorrect ones is Li-qui, Li-qi, and Li-chui which concluded the others nicknaming her Lili or 'Chi. Liqiu has a serious allergy to citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes. It causes her cheeks to swell up, get red rashes, and trouble breathing. She has an emphidermic that her and Peppy have owned.





Bo staff


Liqiu's name in Sishon (Chinese) writing is 白虎麗秋. 白虎 or Baihu, is the name of the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xi Fang Bái Hu), one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. ?? or Liqiu, comes from (麗, li) which means beautiful, elegant, or graceful and (秋, ch'iu) means autumn. The full name is a pun on the Baihu. The Baihu is a white tiger (like Liqiu), it symbolizes the season autumn (the name) and it symbolizes the west (where Liqiu lives in the Lylat System)

Liqiu is acrophobic, the fear of heights. She cannot ride an arwing if she looks down or flies too long. She can pilot one as long as she follows those conditions.

Liqiu is Falco's love interest as she met him on Sishou.
Hey my friends, so as you see I'm doing a comic for Star Fox, give me feed back


Happy Tree Friends
I will draw your Happy tree friend oc, or any cannon character, or shipping. Make sure to show me what your character looks like
One picture of your oc
You can ask for any type of art

full body
head set


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